This reading was so beautiful. I’ve been trying to find words to express how I felt when I read it. And they seem to fail me. Understood? Relieved? Enlightened? It kind of felt like home, if that makes sense. Just a deep understanding in my soul — like an inner peace. It feels so cheesy to say that, but it’s a feeling I rarely encounter, so I pay attention when I do. Thank you so much!
— Jen
Yes, Sara is warm, intuitive, and whip-smart — as any good tarot reader should be. What sets her apart, though, is her ability to not only sense meaning, but to articulate it with such beauty and power. Her words help me see myself with gentle, loving clarity, encouraging me to ask questions and consider answers that I never would have come to myself. I had her do a special night of readings for me and all my sisters, and we drew so much closer together. Sara represents tarot at its very best.
— Kristi
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It took me a really long time to sit down and write this review for Sara because her readings have touched me deeply, so this feels very vulnerable. On more than one occasion, I have gone to Sara seeking guidance and comfort, and her insightful and intuitive readings never disappoint. Sara has the gift of being both deeply spiritual and very grounded. Her readings always leave me filled with hope and committed to doing the work necessary to make my life more fulfilling and more peaceful. I would recommend Cottonwood Tarot to absolutely anyone seeking guidance, comfort, or clarity.
— Kalani
Thank you so much. I waited to read your reading until I returned from my trip. It was magical and so very applicable. I feel like my life has been turned upside down lately, so your reading was spot on and so meaningful for me. I love the photos you sent too; they are beautiful, and I hope it’s okay if I print them out!
— Tiffany
I would highly recommend receiving a reading from Sara at Cottonwood Tarot. She is an insightful reader who taps into the meaning of the cards in a practical and useful way. She doesn’t predict the future with the cards; instead, she uses them to reveal what is happening in the present. Her readings give tools that clients can use to create the outcomes they want.

She is collaborative in her approach and takes into account the client’s needs. She invites them to read the cards and use their own ‘magic’ to make the tarot readings relevant to them. Additionally, Sara is a gentle tarot reader who doesn’t make the process scary. Sara is humble and knows that she doesn’t know anything. She understands her place in giving direction and teaching others. She sends the client back to themselves, giving them confidence in their own knowledge and intuition, inviting them to trust themselves on a deeper level.
— Paula
I love Sara’s down-to-earth, gentle approach to tarot. She brings her personal strengths—her compassionate heart, her grounded listening, her easy creativity—to her readings. I love that for Sara, tarot is primarily a tool for self-reflection. And that means her readings become beautiful discussions as she and the querent talk through card archetypes and interpretations and see what personal meanings they evoke. If you’re looking for someone who can balance a listening heart and a deep knowledge of tarot to help you dive into some quality introspection, find a way to meet with Sara. You won’t regret it.
— Christa
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This is wonderful, Sara. Thank you so much! You really have a gift (both of intuition and of excellent writing and the ability to tie things together in a thoughtful, cohesive way). I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.
— Erin