2019 Year Ahead Tarot Readings

This new reading goes a step beyond my regular in-depth readings and takes a look at the entire landscape of the coming year. The spread is tailored to you based on your birthday and includes a minimum of 12 cards.
You’ll receive an extensive written explanation of the cards in relation to your soul’s journey,
along with a personalized leather bracelet, handmade with a word or short phrase that conveys the spirit of your reading.
The 2019 Year Ahead Tarot Reading is available on a sliding scale of $60-$100

leather bracelet

Wear Your Memory

Each reading includes a leather bracelet, made to fit your wrist and handstamped to remind you of your soul’s wisdom.


Look at the Year Ahead

The cards will invite you to reflect on the overall energy of 2019, your place in the collective, the lessons of each season, and more.


Choose Your Price

The sliding scale of $60 to $100 allows you to select a price that works with your circumstances.

To book a 2019 Year Ahead Reading, visit this link and fill out the form provided.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! Shoot me a message any time.