Zodiac Tarot Reading


Zodiac Tarot Reading


Zodiac tarot readings are:

  • recorded in an mp3 audio format, allowing you to listen on your own time and revisit the reading whenever you like. Your recorded reading will last approximately 10 minutes.

  • built to correspond with the current sign of the zodiac. Each reading will feature 3 cards; photos of the cards are included for your reference.

The current spread is based on Virgo season and looks at the following questions:

  1. How can I trust my inner wisdom?

  2. How can I approach service and purposeful contribution?

  3. How can I see the spiritual in the mundane?

Readings are delivered within 5 days of purchase. I’m open to trading readings for other goods or services, as well as offering a discounted rate depending on circumstance; please contact me directly to discuss these options.

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