Dear potential-tarot-reading-recipient,

Hey, I’m Sara. I’ve already got an About Me page to introduce myself, but I wanted to take a second to talk about you.

My imagination has formed you as a person clicking around the internet on your phone late at night and that you ended up here because you kinda-sorta want a tarot reading, but you’re not sure what they’re all about or if you’re the sort of person who gets a tarot reading.

(I could totally be wrong about that, but I’m gonna go with it.)

2018-11-24 09.50.18 1.jpg

People get tarot readings for all kinds of reasons — because they’re seeking direction, they want to quiet their fears and make an important decision, or they’re just curious to see what it’s like.

One good way to decide if a tarot reading is likely to be useful is looking at what other people seem to get out of them, then reflecting on whether these benefits are appealing to you.

Here’s what folks I’ve read for in the past have experienced from their readings:

  • A deeper connection to the divine, whether they think of it as God, Goddess, Spirit, or ancestral guides

  • More trust in themselves

  • Increased sensitivity to intuition

  • Confidence in their personal authority

  • Exploration of alternative forms of spirituality (and even magic)

  • Greater acceptance of their gifts and life circumstances

  • Ability to make hard choices — and do so with clarity

  • Presence

  • Somehow finding the words to express their feelings

  • Spiritual rejuvenation

  • Understanding of the bigger picture and how this moment fits into it

  • Empowerment

  • Supported healing

  • Comfort with not having all the answers

  • A safe environment to focus on themselves and let their feelings flow

One thing I can say for certain: tarot readings tell you whatever you need to know and are ready to hear in the moment. I think of the process as a way for the wisest part of you to take center stage and tell the conscious part of you what’s up. Sometimes readings will give a peek into the future, but more often, they take you within.

If you do decide to go ahead with a reading — whether it’s your first or fifth or five-hundredth — I’d be honored to support you in that endeavor. And here’s the promise I’ll make in exchange for your trust:

That you matter to me, deeply.

That I will strive to meet you where you are, give you what you I can, and be a clear and open channel for wisdom you require.